Integrating with Promoted

This guide shows you how to integrate your platform with Promoted.

1. Integrate with Promoted's SDKs and APIs.

Promoted’s team will help you integrate with highly-performant custom Client Metrics SDKs or APIs. It's recommended to use the SDKs instead of APIs directly.

2. Send your data to Promoted.

You'll log existing rankings, engagement data, and content data to Promoted:

  1. Log existing rankings.

In your API server at the end of your listItem call, send Promoted your existing rankings and data features on the Request.

  1. Log impressions and actions.

Promoted has client libraries for logging Impressions for web, iOS and Android. Promoted uses these engagement signals as both features and labels in our machine learning models.

  1. Log content details.

This can be used to log stable item and user data to Promoted. This helps your ranking call to Promoted's Delivery API to execute faster.

3. Rank your items using Promoted.

In order to rank your items, you'll use Promoted's server-side SDKs or Delivery API. Promoted’s system optimizes ranking using our advanced model, including Blender, our internal tool that combines metrics and outputs a ranking order. There is no change to the end user experience except that search, recommendations, and ads are now dramatically better.

What’s Next