How to Send Features

See What types of features does Promoted support? for descriptions of these features.

Content Item features

Send Content Item features updates asynchronously to Promoted asap using the Content API. Promoted will process these quickly and have the data available in the ranking system. Content updates can also be sent to Promoted over Delivery API. However, larger RPC sizes will hurt latency.

User features

Send User features in a similar way as Content Item Features but using the User method on the Content API.

Context features

Send Context features on the Request to Delivery API.

Interaction features

Send Interaction features on the Request to Delivery API.


Avoid sending features back on View, Impression and Action log records

It's a common mistake to try to send features back on these records. The Promoted Delivery system either needs to (1) already have the features pre-processed or (2) have them passed our the Delivery API call. If you have questions, please message the Promoted team.